Week(s) 21/22

It seems I missed a week. And from a practical position, it only makes sense to squish these two together. It’s kind of felt like just one big blob. I and say that with no complaint or regret at all. I find myself mostly parked on the couch with little variety over the last number of days. I had mentioned in a prior post that there was shoulder surgery scheduled and that event has come and gone. However, the post-op thing has just been a pain. Not in the shoulder at all. The pain, is much lower and toward the backside…

You know how sometimes if you’re asleep and  whatever you may be wearing get’s twisted and tight and really uncomfortable? And then you get to a point that you’re just have to get out of bed and readjust everything before you can even come close to relaxing? This goofy sling that I’m having to wear is causing that kind of feeling through most of the day and through my broken sleep. I must confess that I’m not a very patient patient.  As I’m writing this I have abandoned the sling for a few hours, being very careful to not put any stress anywhere, but I just had to get out of it for a little while.

So, what’s the lesson – there’s always a lesson. Patience – clearly. And the need to sometime change out your routine when necessary. Phil Sykes, one of our MKMMA alum, a very close friend and one who I have mentioned in prior posts, offered the thought that I needed to perhaps withdraw for a short time to heal. And that has become the way that I can get through this thing. Falling back into a different kind of silence. A physical silence. At least on my right side 😉

I’ve been able to find ways to still roll the garbage out to the street, flip the laundry one handed, do some cooking and still work on the laptop. I’m so backlogged with things that I must get to soon, but I know I simply am not willing to risk further injury and starting all over again. Such it is, I think, with the MKMMA experience. This has been a healing of sorts, I’m sure, for many.  And I think we need to take care to let the old injuries heal up before we stress them too far. I confess that this thing has thrown me backwards a bit in terms of confidence and commitment in a number of things including my reads and sits and such, but I also know that this is short term. I’ve started to clear up over the last couple of days and am just about ready to hop back on the horse.

I am so grateful for my wife and kids that have been a total support during this period. That alone has made the discomfort bearable.

I wish you all continued success in your journey. Finish strong.




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3 thoughts on “Week(s) 21/22”

  1. Hi Larry, sending you “positive vibes” in your healing. I can so relate to the shoulder pain, as yet I haven’t gotten to the point of having to get it fixed, I have good days and not so good. Awesome that you have the support of your family. Keep up the great work and patience, you are truly an honorable man.

    1. Dave
      Thanks for your kind thoughts. Looking forward to full return of mobility and strength in the shoulder. As always, I have learned much through the experience.

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