Week 19 – Uncertain…

Good morning all…

I find myself filled with uncertainty today. Conditions in my world have become such that I may not be able to continue on the MKMMA journey this year. Without any complaint or regret, I was called home to assist with a family situation while working in western Canada last year. I have been out of work since July and shortly after returning home I discovered I have two completely separated tendons in my right rotator cuff and a damaged bicep. That would explain the pain trying to lift a nail gun or a sheet of drywall…

Surgery is scheduled for the 19th of this month and the prognosis is 6 weeks in a sling and a minimum of 5 to 6 months for rehab and physio.  I’m told that during those months I’m looking at a max of 5 or 10 pounds lifting limit on my right side. Not so good.

Bottom line is the well is empty. I have been blessed with some limited work that will assist in keeping the wolves away from the door with household expenses. However, on this day, there’s nothing to offer for my PIF. I remain hopeful that miracles will find their way to me.

I completely honour the MKMMA group and their model for rolling this program out. I understand that there are requirements and conditions have developed which may put a little wrinkle in this years plan. I have enough faith in the process and God (the Universe if you choose) has the best for me, at this time,  and that it will be manifested.

Regardless of setbacks, for any of us, in any flavour, don’t ever give up the possibility of the “impossible” coming to you. I will keep doing my best with the MKMMA program until the switch is turned off. And if that happens, I will still continue. I persist until I succeed.

I will continue to blog and Tweet to those who choose to drop by.

Carry on.

Larry Thompson


Sunday Feb 7 – UPDATE

I had a good friend and music writing partner cover my PIF donation. Completely unexpected. He himself struggling. But as we’ve chatted about the wonderful resource the MKMMA experience has been,  he was moved to off some help. Yes, I am grateful. And it will be returned in some way. Rick, thank you!



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8 thoughts on “Week 19 – Uncertain…”

    1. Carol, Thanks! I had already contacted her and arrangements made. I good friend came to my aid on this overnight and I’ll be able to take care of the PIF this week. Things always turn around. Thanks for your thoughts and time.

  1. I am so grateful you’ve found a path to healing … and that you can continue with us. We all send you love … and you gotta know the universe will provide! Turning point shortly ahead, I’m sure!

  2. Larry, stay the course (pun intended). I agree with Carol,…. You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! Your situation is only an example of the threshold guardians here to challenge your continued growth on the path. I am grateful to see that within moments your path was cleared by the MMA within the MKMMA. Looking forward to the future and the posts. Truly a heartfelt post and a great message for us all, we are not by ourselves, ever.

  3. oh dear, sending you tons and tons of healing energies and love and strength !!!!
    I am absolutely confident this challenge will bring you exactly what you need to break through to your wonderful full potential, you have everything you need to make it happen!
    looking forward to reading about your evolution!

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