Week 18 – From where I stand…

The invitation to be honest with ourselves and to figure out where we may have fallen off the horse is such an open-arms opportunity. There is no failure if we simply pick ourselves up and reengage from where we landed or to simply go back to the beginning. Once I post this, I think I’m up to date with assignments, short of the PIF and I simply don’t know where that money is going to come from, but I remain faithful on that one. I believe I am internalizing all the principles and practices, though not consistent with all the little pieces. Maybe I just started being self directed a little sooner than when it was suggested. Yes, let’s go with that ­čśë

I remain pleasantly surprised when suggested materials outside of Og and Haanal ┬á(I Am / Finding Joe / Shawn Achor) are all pieces I had discovered and viewed ad-nauseam some time before MKMMA. ┬áA simple case of when the student is ready…

I shared this once before in a very early post, but I wanted to share it again. This was one of my second exposure┬áto the Hero’s Journey after being introduced to it in Go-90-Grow. ┬áVery funny.

Wherever you are in your own Hero’s Journey, start from where you stand. Be wise enough to love yourself and be excited about what’s just around the corner. The team proposed a great question – What would the person you want to become do next? Brilliant.

So, what ARE you going to do next?

Have an excellent week!




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3 thoughts on “Week 18 – From where I stand…”

    1. Dave, thank you. I good friend came to my aid on this overnight and I’ll be able to take care of the PIF this week. Things always turn around. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. Never to be underestimated.

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