Week 16 – Magical 3×5’s…

Blog post is a little late.

Has anyone else noticed their stack of 3×5’s changing right before their eyes? As simple a tool as these cards are, I have found them to be of the most profound influences I have felt, not to diminish at all the other top drawer resources we have received.

I was excited to feel the difference taking those few moments to review and read the cards we were asked to create to remind ourselves of things we had experienced and accomplished in our lives. It became a source of strength to realize that my life has not been without purpose and significant opportunities, to be able to have helped others and just generally discover that I’m in fact not a total putz. But here’s where the magic occurred. I’ve noticed, over time, that somehow  all the “life marker” cards began to transform into gratitude cards. Instead of the thoughts coming of “oh yeah, I forgot about that one – that was cool”, the feeling became “that was so nice. Thank you!”

Gratitude is such a powerful emotion and one, I believe, that prepares us for greater things. What were we told as kids – “Say please and thank you.” Amazing how things improve when you simply flip the order…

Had the opportunity to share an original piece of music with James Twyman who is mounting a peace effort into Syria. He was kind enough to mention it in his mailing and we posted a simple video on YouTube to support the song. It’s called “Forgiveness”. Kind of falls in line with our MKMMA journey.  Take a look if you like.

Hope you all have an excellent week!


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6 thoughts on “Week 16 – Magical 3×5’s…”

  1. Friggin Awesome! You rock! I absolutely love your blog. I too am FEELING the shifts into a more appreciative and gentle place. Looking forward to your next blog! have a great week:-)

  2. I agree with you. Gratitude makes us more receptive to all good things! You’ve proven that with the fruits of your efforts. Good for you!

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