Week 12 – In Spite of Myself…

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that my Plan of Action card was getting a little cluttered. Some things on there that just hadn’t come to fruition and seemed out of my control. “I always keep my promises” was haunting me, so as sometimes happens, it just seemed to make sense to start over. As I look over it now while writing this post, I realize that I have still not hit all my targets, but there are some that I have done well in and will hit by the end of day. There’s a couple in particular that I’d like to mention.

The Gym. I had set myself a goal to get to the gym at least 3 times per week. Didn’t go Monday. Didn’t go Tuesday. Didn’t go Wednesday. “I always keep my promises, I always keep my promises. I always keep my promises.” Thursday morning I dragged my butt over to the club and completed my cardio. Again Friday. It’s now a little after 6am and I’m dressed ready to go once I complete my MKMMA morning routine. I will make this goal.

Another POA I had in place was to deliver a set of documents to a financial advisor by Friday. I have had a very poor relationship with money over my life and am going through the process of cleaning up a big mess. Needless to say sitting down to do any work on this kind of thing is a challenge. But over the week I poked at it and prep’d all that I could. I fired off an email early Friday morning to make an appointment to drop the material to the office. I got busy with some music production, another item on my POA and missed a returned email offering a 2:00pm appointment. Didn’t see it until almost 4:00. I experienced a mixed cocktail of disappointment, failure and relief. I sent a return email to apologize and to ask for his next available.  I assumed it would be Monday at the earliest and I would again have missed another target. It seems that once again, providence had other plans. I received a note back offering a 5:30pm. Excellent!

While there were still items on the list that I didn’t quite get into line, I recognize that when we make our very best efforts, even if they are flawed, we can accomplish beyond what seems possible.

There is help available to assist us in our struggles. We identify that help by different names. But I think, at the end of the day, it comes from one Source that we are all part of. Current convention seems to have made discussion of these kinds of things out of vogue. The MKMMA course has served to not change my beliefs but rather strengthened them in helping me identifying moments in my life when clearly there have been other forces involved in my experience. There are laws in place, that sometimes seem to defying human logic, that can come into play when we present ourselves with faith and our very best efforts.

An exciting week ahead with more growth and learning.

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas, spent with family and friends. Do make a little service part of your experience this year. Give more…


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101 thoughts on “Week 12 – In Spite of Myself…”

  1. Cheering for you and with you…It’s in forgiving ourselves and moving towards the place we want to be that we succeed… kind of sounds like persistence and endure to the end. Here to serve as needed… you have greatness in you.

    1. I want to thank you for your experience and mostly for sharing so honestly. I am relieved and encouraged. I have had a tendency to really beat myself up for anything not done and had mastered the Art of procrastination in things that ultimately would lead to my success. I just had that ahah moment. Wow!! Reading this lead me to seeing that. Thank you for getting stuff done that was not easy!!
      Bravo in an amazing job well done and for sharing your experience to help others get over themselves. Thank you thank thank you.
      Blessings to you on your journey!!!
      Kate Unger.

  2. Awesome entry! I loved it and can relate. I used to never make promises because I said there was too much out of my control. Making promises, and realizing I can keep them, has been big for me even though I sometimes struggle with it as you describe. Thanks for sharing!

  3. We struggle, we sometimes fail, we persist and then we win. Keep with it Larry! If this was easy, anybody could do it. You are not an anybody, and neither am I.

  4. Thank you, Larry – I so too have been working to keep my promises and develop rock solid persistence. Focus and refine have been my key words – you are Golden – I am a lover of music thank you for shining your light in that venue that fills my heart with such joy 🙂

  5. Larry, Great post and great message. I have learned a lot just reading through your blogs. I am empowered knowing I am not the only one who struggles to complete all the task or meet my goals in the POA. Great to mastermind with you.

  6. Thank you for sharing your week with us. Og tells us to take 1 step at a time, because you are realizing why you procrastinate you can more forward. You will persist, you will win.

  7. Great Blog Larry. Man can I relate as so can many others. I have a couple items that just never got off the ground. How many times has Mark said “Time to Start Over”. Thanks for the support.
    Merry Christmas

  8. Strange things happen when we take the time to set them in motion, and believe that the Universe will guide us in the right direction

  9. Larry,

    I can so relate to your challenges with the service cards. I loved how you overcame that challenge and met your goals, and I love how the universe rose to help you achieve that goal of getting the financial documents over to your advisor.

    Thanks for showing us that it doesn’t matter how we start, but it is how we finish that is important. Sooooo inspiring. Congratulations!!!

  10. Excellent post, I love the observations you are making about your journo and the adjustments you are making to prevent negative feelings from creeping in. I also have found it to have strengthened my faith.
    Isn’t it awesome that we are all linked together when we realize and accept that we are apart of the Universal.
    May you also have a wonderful Christmas!

  11. You rock Larry! So proud of what you are doing and what you shared was inspirational! The “identifying moments” that hopefully we are all experiencing! I totally relate! Thank you so much for sharing and I am excited to read what happens next week!

  12. Way to go! Keeping promises and killing calories in the gym! I empathize with the POAs. Challenging me as well. Aren’t those early mornings great? Enjoy the roller coaster ride. Cheers!

  13. I love the layout of your blog. Love your honesty also. I too have noticed that I need to redo almost everything, starting with my PPNs. That’s a good thing, since now we know how to craft a great DMP. Remember that each day is like one blow against a mighty oak. You are gradually influencing your thoughts and actions. You persist and you wil.

  14. Great going, Larry. Being aware of what we need to do and allowing the solutions to present themselves AND acting upon them is key. Have an awesome week.

  15. Congratulations on being featured for this week. It’s easy to see why. Thank you for pulling this together. Helped me to take an entirely different look at my gaps as well. Thank you so much! I appreciate you sharing.

  16. Thanks for sharing. I had the same kind of things you mentioned in the previous MKMMA session. When I checked my POA I discovered I did nothing for several weeks to progress on some topics. As soon as took some actions, I saw I wasn’t aligned with what I wrote. Then I changed my DMP and now it’s more aligned with what I want and actions are effortlessly!

  17. I can totally relate to your post. I can see how much benefit I’m getting from the whole MKMMA experience but haven’t always done everything on my cards or even written everything on the cards in the first place. But then some magic moment happens and I know… even though I’m not doing it perfectly things are changing and I will keep going. You’re doing great 🙂

  18. You did great noticing, observing things you needed to work on. Celebrate your success and know each day is a new start to a better you. Keep Shining Bright like the star you are, you are rocking this.

  19. good for you trying so hard – I kept my promises to small tasks to help me accomplish them each week – which has helped. Merry Christmas.

  20. ” …with faith and our very best efforts.” I love this, Larry, we do our very best with faith and All That Is fills in the rest.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing yourself so truthfully. I have struggled with the phase, I always keep my promises, too. I have discovered a fear that when I don’t keep them, I will be ruining any chance I have at manifesting my DMP. However, I, too, have come to realize that this force, this field of creative energy of which we are examples, is not judgmental or punishing, it constantly adjusts itself to our expression, and mine as become one of diligence, but more importantly compassionately and lovingly. Keep going and I’ll see you on the other side of our DMP’s.
    Much Love,

  22. Wonderful blog, Larry! For the first two months I was at 100% with my tasks and promises, but with the holidays, I’ve missed 3 and was 3 days late with week 12’s blog. It was a choice to give quality time to my visiting children and grandchildren, or stay at 100%. We celebrated Christmas early, so I’m done with the holidays and am happy to be catching up on my tasks. I have apologized to my Subby:)

  23. Thank you for sharing your experience which I can relate to quite well. I can say I have had similar days with my POA cards and I just persisted until I completed the tasks. Time is precise and exact just like the direction we choose to go. Keep believing in yourself and you will succeed. Gratitude and love to all.

  24. Hi Larry! I loved your blog, but I enjoyed watching and listening with the speakers up, “ABOUT ME”.

    Your right, Larry, the power of music to move people to incredible things is why I’m writing to you!

    Merry Christmas my friend

    1. Cynthia
      Thanks for the comment and the encouragement to continue with my path towards music. Actually, as your comment came in for approval, I had just sat down to post a blog with an original tune to share for Christmas. It’s not at all a Christmas song, just a reminder of keeping what’s important important. It’ll be up in a while.
      Merry Christmas to you!!!


  25. Well done! and thank you for the ‘Talk’ This is helpful to all of us in the battle vs inertia. Change is hard and if we just continue day by day and stay aware it comes. The ego says I want it now! but this takes time.
    Thanks for a great post!

  26. I can relate to the discomfort of reading “I always keep my promises” and reading a plan of action that isn’t completely activated. Thanks for sharing. You’re a good writer.

  27. Fascinating and inspiring post…Your post and insights you’ve shared encourages me. I’m empathetic with all your challenges. I share them too…I grew up outside Detroit, so I visited Windsor many times as a kid — you live in a beautiful region. Hope you enjoy a prosperous, fun, stimulating and rewarding New Year! 🙂

  28. This post is an inspiration. It encourages me to see someone taking it one step at a time, and sometimes not all the steps, but persisting and hanging in there.

  29. Larry – there is so much here that I can relate to on so many levels! Bravo for persistence! Bravo for capturing the opportunities to over-ride the old blueprint and CELEBRATING! Most of all …Bravo for recognizing the Source! Bobbie

  30. Wow Larry! thank you so much for writing your blog and bringing things to my attention. I am starting to realize by reading the blogs of others I am also learning. The different perspectives are great! We can do this and we will!

  31. Thanks, Larry, for sharing your experience. It is so hard for all of us to overcome that old blueprint. It’s kind of like a spoiled child who always gets his way so he’s always going to try to push the buttons to make us give in. You are doing great! Never give up or give in!

  32. Thanks for the post, Larry. I can definitely see why your post was picked this week, as it relates to many of us. It is always encouraging to know that I am not alone in my struggles. One step at a time, we will get this done.

  33. Very nice blog, Larry.
    I can certainly relate to what you write…..especially the money thing. Ugh. That’s on my list too…..in several steps.
    Looking forward to future posts.
    Happy New Year!

  34. Truly worth the feature blog. Congratulations. I am so glad you made the commitment to be on this journey. And there is more for you.
    Keep moving forward.
    We are here to support, as you support US… as you support ME…
    Thank you.
    I am grateful for having access to your blog.

  35. It is good to know that I’m not alone. I get done what I promise to others but miss the mark on one’s made to myself. I will forgive and move on to better results to myself. Thanks for the encouragement!
    Michael H

  36. Thank you Larry. I have been hard on myself for not fulfilling some items on my POA also. For the most part I was doing quite well. The past week or two however, I have begun to slip. I really need to dig down deep and get back on track. I’m not sure what caused me to start slipping, and it’s really not important. If I give reasons, I am just making excuses. And there are no excuses. It is my responsibility to keep up. I am digging in. I read one of the other replies that said “if this was easy, anyone would do it”. And that’s why we are here. We aren’t just anybody! Best of luck to you Larry.

  37. Larry–I love your writing style! And what a wonderful way of putting the POA card…Hmmmm, I always keep my promises so get going! Thank you

  38. I appreciate your honesty. I too can relate with the haunting of “I always keep my promises”. I had on my POA to do yoga at least 5 days per week. When rewriting my POA I reduced it to 3 days as this was more realistic but then I fell ill. However, I learned some wonderful lessons out of it all and it appears you may have too.

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