Press Release – A Dream Come True

April 3, 2019

“It’s been a long time in the making. I think I had to learn more about the people we are serving by climbing out of my own disappointments and failures”. Larry Thompson – Music that Matters

I recently had the opportunity to sit with Larry and Jackie Thompson in their Tallahassee home to discuss what has become the fulfillment of one man’s dream to be able to serve others through the power of music.

Music that Matters has exploded into a widely acclaimed source of positive, message driven music that defies the micro-genre classifications that has sadly separated music connoisseur’s for the last number of years. This started as a tickle of desire some 25 years ago when creator Larry Thompson had the opportunity to co-write music for corporate conventions.

“I had written a few themed pieces with a good friend of mine [Phil Sykes – a regular contributor to the MTM catalog] while he was in the management side of a number of Utah based MLM companies. It was a joy to actually move people and lift them up with songs that were written for the purpose of empowering them and offering encouragement and hope”.

Admittedly, this material was a little over the top as it was for the purpose of exciting the crowd and to become an anthem of sorts for the multi-day events. “We actually had a piece that became so popular in the Japanese market that they had the melody turned into a wind up music box for their reps.”

Now, the message is not attached to a product or event, but rather to helping people of all walks of life find a path out of their trials and struggles. The ever growing catalog of material written in house and also from outside contributors is not bound by the requirements of pop to fit in the flavour of the month-louder-faster-risqué material that is the standard fair of the average music consumer. Music that Matters is dedicated to offering a balance by bringing uplifting messages to the masses. “This isn’t ‘gospel’ music,” says Thompson, “I think that sometimes, well intended writers and artists in this genre will write music that for many may seem too heavy handed. For some who may have no spiritual experience or exposure, these messages may be hard to understand or even consider. Those of faith are counselled to ‘plant seeds’ in the hearts of others. That is a great mission and one of eternal value. However there are steps to take before planting seeds. I want to be the guy that pulls the rocks out of the ground. I hope for the music I am involved in to touch the listener and simply offer the possibility that there is something better than they are currently experiencing. That maybe, just maybe, they are of extreme value and ability, that they are a dual being, and that the spirit that directs theirs actions has been disregarded and abandoned long enough. There are far too many conditions in this world that would have us loose all hope. I wish to help in some small way to restore that.”

A closing paragraph of the mission statement of Music That Matters perhaps sums it up the best –

“Music that Matters will produce, find and deliver music and media that is doctrinally neutral, biased only to the possibility that there is a God, genre neutral, limiting content only to that which is uplifting. Clearly we reveal ourselves with the words we speak and the actions we take and we take full responsibility  for that in the internal material that is created and any outside material that is selected and offered. We desire only to serve based on what we believe to be of value to uplift, encourage and motivate to a higher quality of life and experience.”

Recognizing the yet unresolved state of the music industry to be able to appropriately compensate writers, musicians and artists, Music that Matters has been largely funded through philanthropic support. There is another advantage to this scenario, Larry offered,  “There is a magic that happens to us when we share what we have with others. The ‘pay it forward’ model is one that just seems to work. All the artists we work with have been most generous to share of their talents without expectation of financial payment. In return we publish a biography and links to each artist’s personal website and other places on the web for them to promote their other works. Almost without fail, each artist has noticed a significant increase in traffic, interest and sales after their association with Music that Matters. I take no credit in this. I think the reality of giving first is a Universal Law and one that promises a ten fold return. Others who have contributed financially to the cause have always spoken of their appreciation to have found a way to contribute to the world through the sharing of motivational and inspiring music.”

All the music offered by MTM is available for free download. However, almost from the beginning many listeners choose rather to purchase the material through iTunes and other digital delivery services, many offering far more than a single song or collection might otherwise cost through generous donations through PayPal, “or even eTransfers. It’s been a great blessing and has allowed us to increase production and production values” Larry shares. “We have also been thrilled to have had a number of YouTube videos go viral and as a result we have had songs picked up my major artists and have enjoyed TV and movie soundtrack credits as well. These have contributed significantly to our budget and ability to serve.”

If you wish to sample the music, read further on the background and future of Music That Matters, or to make a donation, please visit

As I was investigating the Music that Matters web site, I found this quote that I wish to close with –

“The power of music to align the will and determination with one’s deepest desires is a matter of history. Find your march. Your battle song. Your anthem. The melody and lyric that touches your soul and moves you forward with unwavering steps will forever be your companion, to lift you from discouragement, embrace you in comfort when fear is all you know, and to finally sing in victory at the end.” (Anonymous)

(As part of our MasterKeyMasterMindAlliance Experience, we were challenged to write a future press release that chronicles the fulfillment of our Major Definite Purpose – our goal, our bliss. This article is my offering of what I desire to read at some point in the not too distant future. “I can be what I will to be…” LT)


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8 thoughts on “Press Release – A Dream Come True”

  1. Larry,that is an incredible read. I have been struggling with how to approach this assignment up until now. Reading your post has truly inspired me. Thank you!

    1. Chris
      It is an interesting process. Don’t limit your imagination. Do your sit first. Outline it. Sleep on. Write it in the morning. Above all, don’t stress and have fun!!

      Thanks for the comment.


  2. You can be what you will to be. I am looking forward to the exciting ride, for you, for me, and for the players and fans yet to be influenced for good by Music That Matters.

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