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Awkward, always about this kind of thing, but barriers to be broken…

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Name – Donald Laurance Thompson – I go by Larry. I only ever got the full DLT when I was in dutch for something as a kid. Didn’t happen often. Not that I was perfect.  Just an only child. That explains so much…

Born and raised in Georgetown Ontario Canada. Now living in Windsor Ontario. That also explains a lot…

Major passion and bliss, next to my wife and 3 kids is music.


A few years ago – OK, a lot of years go.  1979 or so at Captain Audio Studios in Toronto. This is where I discovered recording and trained as a recording engineer.

original (4295006929)
original (4295006929)

Also a few years ago on a tour bus with  NeverEnding White Lights on the Our Lady Peace tour. Tour manager and Front of House engineer.

The following video  was last year (kind of long, don’t feel compelled to watch the whole thing). I  had been getting some factory shifts (which was killing me) through a temp agency, but they were only hit and miss, so I thought I might try to get on a cruise ship. This was the audition video I used. Carrying about 30 extra pounds and depressed. No wonder I didn’t get the gig. Not to complain though. This was all in preparation for my own Hero’s Journey that began right after this. I’ll tell that story another day.


I discovered a number of years ago that I really enjoyed writing and producing music that was uplifting and motivational. I worked with a very dear friend of mine (who is also on this edition of MKMMA) doing convention music for a number of MLM companies.

I had the good fortune to teach  in the Music Industry Arts programme at Fanshawe College in London Ontario for a few short semesters. Highlight of my career.

The music business is broken. Has been for a number of years. However, the power of music to move people to do incredible things is a matter of history.

My bliss is to be able to produce uplifting, meaningful music. While I embrace the Christian faith, gospel and other related genres of music, at least for me, can be pretty heavy handed for some. We often hear the analogy of planting seeds. I believe there are some that may not even be ready for the seeds to be planted.  I wish to produce, find and deliver music and media that is doctrine neutral, biased only to the possibility that there is a God, genre neutral, limiting content only to that which is uplifting. I wish to be not the one to plant seeds of a specific faith necessarily, I wish to help clear the rocks and turn the soil over in preparation of the listener to be open to possibility.


That’s ’bout it for now.

Glad to be here.




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6 thoughts on “About me…”

  1. A very fulfilling life!! Enjoyed reading…. I am very new at any form of social media, so I am a bit slow at catching up with my assignments. Very satisfying to be able to read other blogs etc. I am glad to be on this journey with so many lovely people. You being one of them. Your pictures and your words are inspiring….

  2. Isn’t that fun — another musician in Ontario. (I’m a pianist & choral director in Peterborough.) I really appreciate your mission to provide the inspiration through music. Fly!!!

    1. Thank you! Played Peterborough YEARS ago. Went up a couple of years ago to see the locks and just hang out. Miss that part of the world. We had a cottage a little further north and to the west near Dorset. So nice.

  3. A great read, we so desperately need gospel music here in Ontario, written and produced here, I am sure your Hero’s Journey is right here, keep reading Guy in the Glass.
    Thank you

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