Week 20 – Sneaky Snake…

One of the movies the MKMMA tribe had suggested as a good flick to watch is titled “I AM”. I had discovered this movie quite some time ago and have watched it many times. The overall message is powerful, the details are so instructive.

There is a quick scene where the reality of nature being, at times, a little cruel and violent, and the laws of the wild are displayed – predator and prey. (There’s also a very cool scene later on where the power of the tribe is displayed when a rescuing wildebeest comes to the aid of one of it’s own when being attacked by a big cat.) However there are a few frames showing a snake, suddenly striking a small rodent, wrapping it in it’s coils, I’m confident, to a sure death.

This week has felt much like that at times. Old blueprints, and habits, and limiting beliefs, coiled and ready to take me down. And there have been moments, minutes, sometimes an hour or two, where I have succumbed. “It’s too much”. “I’ll never get it all done, so why do any”. “I have to, but I can’t, but I have to…” (that one’s a killer!). The list is long.

But here’s the thing – it’s early Friday morning, and I’m still here. I stood in the studio this morning in my SuperWoman stance (yes, I’m confident enough in my orientation to not have that bother me), and raised my arms over my head and said (quietly- the kids are still in bed) “I can get this done. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, harmonious (healthy) and happy. I can be what I will to be. I am a non-judgmental observer. I’ve done this before, I can do it again, even better!” I read my cards. I am grateful for all my experiences, I can see the miracles and magic in past events that were brought into reality after a simple request (humble demand).

We’re finding our footing in a foreign world. The things we’re discovering of ourselves and of the Universe that God has created and offered to all isn’t easy, or comfortable. Sometimes it feels impossible and unnatural. I would suggest that it’s so natural that if we would just get out of our own way, it would and will take our breath away.

I honour each of you – for your efforts and successes. I also honour your difficult days that might not be described as joyous or successful –  for the fact that you have stumbled upon this blog post suggests that you haven’t bailed. Every day that we don’t bail is a day we have done, next, what the person we intend to become would have done.


In closing, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to those who shared their kindness and concern in their comments on last weeks post. I was whining and complaining about an upcoming surgery next week and feeling financially beat up, and at the point of writing (pre-update) was “un-PIF-able”.  As is usually the case, I don’t have all the financial resources I might wish I did, but it seems I always have sufficient for my needs. Give more to get more. Wise words. Good council.

Have a stunning week, all!


Week 19 – Uncertain…

Good morning all…

I find myself filled with uncertainty today. Conditions in my world have become such that I may not be able to continue on the MKMMA journey this year. Without any complaint or regret, I was called home to assist with a family situation while working in western Canada last year. I have been out of work since July and shortly after returning home I discovered I have two completely separated tendons in my right rotator cuff and a damaged bicep. That would explain the pain trying to lift a nail gun or a sheet of drywall…

Surgery is scheduled for the 19th of this month and the prognosis is 6 weeks in a sling and a minimum of 5 to 6 months for rehab and physio.  I’m told that during those months I’m looking at a max of 5 or 10 pounds lifting limit on my right side. Not so good.

Bottom line is the well is empty. I have been blessed with some limited work that will assist in keeping the wolves away from the door with household expenses. However, on this day, there’s nothing to offer for my PIF. I remain hopeful that miracles will find their way to me.

I completely honour the MKMMA group and their model for rolling this program out. I understand that there are requirements and conditions have developed which may put a little wrinkle in this years plan. I have enough faith in the process and God (the Universe if you choose) has the best for me, at this time,  and that it will be manifested.

Regardless of setbacks, for any of us, in any flavour, don’t ever give up the possibility of the “impossible” coming to you. I will keep doing my best with the MKMMA program until the switch is turned off. And if that happens, I will still continue. I persist until I succeed.

I will continue to blog and Tweet to those who choose to drop by.

Carry on.

Larry Thompson


Sunday Feb 7 – UPDATE

I had a good friend and music writing partner cover my PIF donation. Completely unexpected. He himself struggling. But as we’ve chatted about the wonderful resource the MKMMA experience has been,  he was moved to off some help. Yes, I am grateful. And it will be returned in some way. Rick, thank you!



Week 18 – From where I stand…

The invitation to be honest with ourselves and to figure out where we may have fallen off the horse is such an open-arms opportunity. There is no failure if we simply pick ourselves up and reengage from where we landed or to simply go back to the beginning. Once I post this, I think I’m up to date with assignments, short of the PIF and I simply don’t know where that money is going to come from, but I remain faithful on that one. I believe I am internalizing all the principles and practices, though not consistent with all the little pieces. Maybe I just started being self directed a little sooner than when it was suggested. Yes, let’s go with that 😉

I remain pleasantly surprised when suggested materials outside of Og and Haanal  (I Am / Finding Joe / Shawn Achor) are all pieces I had discovered and viewed ad-nauseam some time before MKMMA.  A simple case of when the student is ready…

I shared this once before in a very early post, but I wanted to share it again. This was one of my second exposure to the Hero’s Journey after being introduced to it in Go-90-Grow.  Very funny.

Wherever you are in your own Hero’s Journey, start from where you stand. Be wise enough to love yourself and be excited about what’s just around the corner. The team proposed a great question – What would the person you want to become do next? Brilliant.

So, what ARE you going to do next?

Have an excellent week!