Week 13 – Never allow the day to end with a failure…

A shorty this week.

I found a key phrase in Scroll 3 was to never allow a day to end in failure. I suppose we should invert that to read “always end your day with a success”. Og offers to keep focusing on your DMP driven task or goal until you have succeeded. I think that is a wonderful suggestion and path in achieving what you set out to do that day. However, I think there comes a point that if, as an example, you have set out to make calls until you find the “yes” you desire, it may just get to be an inappropriate hour to call folks. Not everyone lives by the compass rather than the clock ;-).

From my chair, to  only acknowledge success in a single area of your life is setting up a very narrow existence. I don’t think it’s practical to expect recordable successes in every corner of our world every day. We strive for perfection, we should be grateful for excellence.

When less than desired outcomes may be the reality in one or more of our life centres on a given day, recognize and reach out to achieve something wonderful in another area. It’s almost never, ever too early or too late in the day to be of service to someone in some small way. Folding some laundry, wiping down the table or counter, organizing a video collection, reviewing a child’s homework, writing a love letter or email can bring deep satisfaction. If you have an opportunity to close your day with the embrace or kiss of a loved one, or to offer a moment of encouragement to another traveller on this journey, your day will end well.

I hope everyone had an excellent Christmas. Time to start tooling up for a fabulous 2016. Thank you for being part of this excellent adventure!



’twas the morning before Christmas…

Good morning all!

I wanted to do a mid week post to wish you all the best of the season.  I hope I’m not breaking any rules here but I wanted to share a song with you. It’s not a Christmas song but a song that encourages us to all keep what’s important important.

Heavy day yesterday. Ran a couple of quick errands with my wife dropping off some gift cards and presents for some folks from Church. Shortly after I arrived home I received a call letting me know that a very dear friend of mine had had to break down a door to get into the home of her best friend only to discover he had passed away. We have lost another member of the musical community in town to heart disease.  Sad day for all. I had the wonderful opportunity to be with her and offer support and the best direction I could muster. When it comes down to it, it really is all about service.  And a reminder to be sure we take every opportunity to let those we love and care for know that they are. You just never know…

The Simplest Things

This tune started out about 23 years ago as a quick 2 verse children’s song I co-wrote with my lyricist partner Rick Beneteau. I did the very quick acoustic guitar and vocal demo and it’s sat in various forms of storage since then. The title surfaced as I have been ramping up to finally start realizing my desire to serve with music while I was working out in Cardston Alberta last year. I wrote a bridge and 3rd verse and recorded much of what’s here in a bedroom while I was out west. I very talented former student of mine who presently wishes to remain anonymous did the vocal for me and I finished it and mixed in my little workshop in Windsor.  I’m really not a country guy. It just kind of presented itself in this form and who am I to fight it. I hope you’ll find it fun and maybe thoughtful.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. If there’s a call you need to make or a letter to write, sit down and take care of it. Do it now!      All the best!!



The Simplest Things – Rick Beneteau/Larry Thompson                             © 1992 Lauric Music BMI


Week 12 – In Spite of Myself…

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that my Plan of Action card was getting a little cluttered. Some things on there that just hadn’t come to fruition and seemed out of my control. “I always keep my promises” was haunting me, so as sometimes happens, it just seemed to make sense to start over. As I look over it now while writing this post, I realize that I have still not hit all my targets, but there are some that I have done well in and will hit by the end of day. There’s a couple in particular that I’d like to mention.

The Gym. I had set myself a goal to get to the gym at least 3 times per week. Didn’t go Monday. Didn’t go Tuesday. Didn’t go Wednesday. “I always keep my promises, I always keep my promises. I always keep my promises.” Thursday morning I dragged my butt over to the club and completed my cardio. Again Friday. It’s now a little after 6am and I’m dressed ready to go once I complete my MKMMA morning routine. I will make this goal.

Another POA I had in place was to deliver a set of documents to a financial advisor by Friday. I have had a very poor relationship with money over my life and am going through the process of cleaning up a big mess. Needless to say sitting down to do any work on this kind of thing is a challenge. But over the week I poked at it and prep’d all that I could. I fired off an email early Friday morning to make an appointment to drop the material to the office. I got busy with some music production, another item on my POA and missed a returned email offering a 2:00pm appointment. Didn’t see it until almost 4:00. I experienced a mixed cocktail of disappointment, failure and relief. I sent a return email to apologize and to ask for his next available.  I assumed it would be Monday at the earliest and I would again have missed another target. It seems that once again, providence had other plans. I received a note back offering a 5:30pm. Excellent!

While there were still items on the list that I didn’t quite get into line, I recognize that when we make our very best efforts, even if they are flawed, we can accomplish beyond what seems possible.

There is help available to assist us in our struggles. We identify that help by different names. But I think, at the end of the day, it comes from one Source that we are all part of. Current convention seems to have made discussion of these kinds of things out of vogue. The MKMMA course has served to not change my beliefs but rather strengthened them in helping me identifying moments in my life when clearly there have been other forces involved in my experience. There are laws in place, that sometimes seem to defying human logic, that can come into play when we present ourselves with faith and our very best efforts.

An exciting week ahead with more growth and learning.

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas, spent with family and friends. Do make a little service part of your experience this year. Give more…


Week 11- Shooting Arrows

Another tough week. Eldest son in from Calgary for a few days. His Christmas visit as we works for West Jet and has to work over the holidays. Couldn’t watch the live webcast on Sunday with family commitments. Actually finishing the last little bit of the reply as I’m writing this. Sickness fell on the house. But please understand, not one bit of complaint. It just is.

I know that I far too often think that if my desired results do not play out exactly as conceived, it’s very easy to write off the results, regardless of excellent things are, as a failure. And that’s just not a good thing to do.Very best effort is the only thing we have. Sometimes due to any of a number of circumstances, we get sucked into the couch with no defence it seems. But what I discovered was that the sun does in fact come up tomorrow, as the song promises, we pick ourselves up and “keep moving forward” (WED).

I read my POA this morning and was horrified on things I hadn’t completed. I hadn’t kept my promises. Tasks not complete. Dates long past.  I flipped over my card to discover the 7 Laws of the Mind on the back side. First Law – Law of Forgiveness – I forgive everyone. EVERYONE!!! That includes me.

“I am sorry that I gave up for a few days. Please forgive me. I will do better.”

“Of course I forgive you. I know you can. I know you will. I’m here to help”.

When we set goals and targets, especially when those centred around things we may have never accomplished before, we are kind of shooting an arrow out in front of us to some place in the near or distant future. We do our best to target the day or hour or moment we visualize, but fact is, sometimes our aim is off. I think setting SMART goals and attaining them are like any other skill – they require practice and are sure to have trips and falls and misplayed notes.

The brilliance of selecting absolutely attainable goals in the early days of the MKMMA experience/process begins the process of setting this skill. Bottom line – in a few things I have failed. But that doesn’t make me a failure.

If anyone who may happen across this post has ever, or may be in the process of considering giving up because it just seems all to much, all to big, all too scary, please, please don’t give up. Others have left their footprints that we can follow. If we follow those steps back, I’m sure we will find places where there are signs of scuffle, maybe even a little blood in the sand. Most likely we’ll find the imprint of two knees where they stopped to pray, got up and carried on.

A day at a time, friends. You will be great!



Week 10 – There is a law…

Many years ago I was introduced to the world of “self help” and positive, deliberate and motivated thinking, with the desired result being to take better, stronger action, thereby improving the quality of my life. On of the very first speakers I heard was Bob Proctor.

I wish to not debate the value of “self help gurus”. I understand the point that Mark makes about the industry. What I do  challenge is the “massive action” issue. Anyone who has researched or studied this kind of material knows who the promotor of massive action is. That path has served him well and I believe it has helped a lot of folks, at least to a degree.

I have to say that the MKMMA experience, at least for me, has been all about taking massive action. One of the very first repeated phrases I was to  embrace was “Do it Now!”. That has resulted in massive action. This path we are sharing is, again for me, the definition of “massive action”. And gratefully so. But that’s really not the point of this post. At least I don’t think it is.

Bob relayed a wonderful picture story to describe the “law of attraction” decades before “The Secret”. He proposed the simple question – to grow an oak tree, you plant an acorn. Once planted, where does the oak tree come from? Is it reasonable to think that a massive, magnificent oak is in the tiny acorn? I don’t think so. This one took me a while to digest, but Proctor proposed that the oak tree is “in the universe”. Didn’t get it. For a long time. But I believe he’s right. The tree, or rather the potential of the tree is in the  soil, in  the ground and rain water, the oxygen in the air, the sunlight. The acorn is simply the agent that draws to it the elements it requires to realize it’s fulfillment. It simply obeys the correct laws to become what it was meant to be.

Haanel this week speaks a lot about law. A sacred book of wisdom that I draw from suggests that “ There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated—And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated.” Truth is truth. Doesn’t really matter where you find it.

So what of us? Are we not at least as full of potential as an acorn? Are we not living in as equally a rich environment of great opportunity? So why do so many of us not realize the excellence we desire? I would suggest that there is a law or two that we simply don’t understand or obey. Can we? Certainly. Will we? That’s the question.

Massive action? You bet. But often the massive action is that of stemming the inertia of the past. A flywheel is a most important part of steam and internal combustion motors. It takes some effort to get it spinning, but once in motion, it helps transition between the combustion cycles (action) and the intake (suck). We need similar inertia to get us between the moments of action and suck. And we do both. Sometimes we act and do well. Sometimes, we suck. It’s life.

But if you are well planted, are blessed with care and concern of friends and loved ones and are obeying the laws of success, you will have the correct principles in place, enough force to get over the bumpy bits and become the best you (un)imaginable.

What’s incorrect about the massive action thought is that sometimes, the adjustment needed to achieve massive results is a tiny turn of the wheel.

Check your heading…

Have an excellent week!