Week 5 – Just the Facts, Ma’am

Accuracy, while not always convenient might serve us well in this process of initiating new programming, new habits, goals,  the details of our DMP, adding items to our chore/service cards, and so on. If we are impressing information and intention on our “mind that never sleeps”, best that the impressions have the “A” of a SMART goal.

Case in point…

Taxes. GRRRRRRRRRRRR. Yes, GRRRRRRRR is an opinion. I’ll leave it there or I’ll have to go to the hospital again to decompress. However. Due to some “circumstances” (read “bad attitude”) I haven’t filed taxes for a few years, well, three. As a part of my reprogramming and getting all my spit together,  I realized that I simply had to take care of it.


MY CHORE CARD – Perfect!! I can put it on there. With a red circle! With that for motivation, surely I can get it done.  “I promise to …. File taxes by Oct 19. I always keep my promises. LT”


I suck it up, organize the paperwork get in the van and head over to the Tax Guy. It turns out this is a good Tax Guy. Not one of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s minions that will turn you on your head to scrape the last penny out of you and take a little flesh with it. This is a guy that will talk to you, suggest you “aggressively” claim every deduction you can and just seems to know the game.  Anyway, with all the confidence I can fake, I head up the street and pull into the driveway. NOOOOOOO! Office Closed ’til Monday Oct 26 !!!

2 things 1 – I’m going to have to go through the process again of committing myself to actually file.

2 things 2 – I’m not going to be able to keep my promise.

This was minor. Personally, I feel I did keep my promise. I was ready and willing and able. I did my part. The universe just had a better schedule.

That office can be a little crazy at times. You never know who may take care of your questions and concerns.  The owner is a big guy with a kind face and seems to really care. As it turns out, I went on Monday, the place was empty.  I was able to sit with him, ask some questions, confess some sins, be set at ease, offered to not worry about payment until my return comes in and generally have an ugly experience (for me) turn out to be quite pleasant.

I think in applying the “A” (Attainable) to our goals and plans, we should make some effort to assure the tasks at hand are attainable. That’s not to say we should limit in any way the vision we have for things to be significantly bigger and better than we can even imagine, but some things just require a little time, or adherence to the schedules of others. Magic and miracles can surely happen. I just think there’s little value in the process of manifesting your vacation to a romantic destination that you should set a flight that doesn’t exist as your passage. Sure it could happen. Stranger things have. I’d just rather access services that are in place for that kind of thing. I think that trying to manifest and entire aircraft and crew and your own personal flight schedule might just be a little tough at this point in time. If you’re not careful, you’re going to sprain something…

Maintaining the flight theme here  –  there are two problems with trying to make a pig fly – you’re likely to get frustrated and it just annoys the pig.

Only Tuesday with a promise of another great week.

All the best!




Week 4 – Limits

For most of my life I have struggled with weight.  At one point, not that long ago, I was the better part of 80 pounds over what I should be. I’m still carrying far too much extra even now and achieving my ideal weight and fitness level is one of the tasks I will enjoy as a result of modifying my blueprint through the MKMMA.

As this has been my experience for so many years, it’s just one of those things I accepted as fact and kind of forgot about. A few years ago I was able to loose about 30 or 40 pound prior to a cruise we enjoyed with our oldest son and his girlfriend. We met up at the airport in Fort Lauderdale and Janae commented to Jordan that even though I was much lighter, was was still “walking big”. Interesting.

Through great effort (not really) I was able to find the weight I lost and put it right back where it was. Spring forward a few years and I found myself working in southern Alberta with a dear friend doing reno and construction. The change of environment and the physicality of the work just naturally help me to shed the weight again. It was on this round that I learned another important lesson.

Carrying this weight where I do caused bending over to pick things up off the floor challenging. Not impossible, but stuff just got in the way. Shoes were difficult to tie, somedays I’d have to kneel to pick up dropped tools or other items. Funny thing was, even as the weight dropped I maintained this posture to retrieve items from the floor. Until one day I discovered that the fight just wasn’t there. I could easily bend over and touch the floor. With a little effort and some tendon and hamstring stretching, I could get the palms of my hands flat on the floor.

I think we all sometimes carry limitations long after the cause, real or imagined, has long disappeared. Fear of over controlling parents, or bullies, hurt from past relationships, an accident, a fall, a bumpy ride in an airplane, the list goes on.

If you find yourself not attempting something when your head’s reminding you that you can’t or haven’t or shouldn’t try, take stock of where that voice is coming from and if the limits are really there. This old blueprint concept that has been offered during this MKMMA experience has really shed some light of a lot of things that likely we all deal with unnecessarily and to our great loss and limitation.

I encourage the reader as well as myself,  to just bend over or to push against whatever you think you can’t do. There are great discoveries to be made.


Week 3 – The Song Remains the Same

At least so far.

The pushback has been brutal again this week. But I am winning the battle. Family flying in on Sunday afternoon punched me out of the webinar. Watched the replay. Outstanding!! Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving and I was on deck all day with setting up the house, cooking and such that severely limited my quiet time to get through the exercises. As has happened before, I’m in no way complaining, but rather recognizing how easy it is to go dark when things aren’t perfect or as you plan. The thing to do is to accept the bumps on the road, avoid them if possible the next run and get back on the track.

The whys are starting to show up for me. I’m beginning to understand more of what we’re doing, I think.  Very excited to continue.

Patience is not one of my strengths.  I’m committed to doing the reading and exercises as perfectly as I am able, not rushing or trying to jump ahead or over. I understand the value of scales and rudiments. Muscle memory. I think this is the same thing with the exception of this being a matter of these systems of the body and spirit are best served by relaxing and not applying brute force effort and sweat to the task. That won’t get it done.

I have just received my response on my latest edit on my DMP. Looking forward to seeing what has been offered by way of suggestions to adjust. Thank you Patty for your care.

A couple of more days to button up this weeks assignments and start another round on the weekend. Exciting stuff!



Week 2 – Opposition in All Things

“It seems my “sub” has a devil put aside for me, for me, for meeeee…”(Thanks Freddy, Wayne and Garth…)

This has been a most interesting week. Pushback of one kind or another always seem to accompany growth. This is not a new, certainly not to me. But this has been crazy. Clearly, there is something afoot. Something of great value. Something that could possibly change a lot of lives, for the better. I would suggest there is a force, or an opposition, that will not take that kind of growth lying down and will use every subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) trick in the book to keep you stuck.

It started Sunday. First off,  Sunday, for us, is usually about a 4 hour experience with Church. Getting there, 3 hours of meetings, getting home. Church was different this week because of a bi-annual conference that is broadcast to local units over satellite. And it really didn’t affect me as I had volunteered to mix front of house audio for a benefit event in town. Not a usual Sunday activity, but it was an opportunity to visit with old friends and serve the community. That service caused me to miss the 4pm Webinar. Doesn’t matter that I cleared it with Mark. Doesn’t matter that I watched the replay. It just seems that I set the tone for the days to follow.

Ever have those days when time seems to compress and responsibilities and tasks just seem to expand at twice the rate?                             Stuck, stuck stuck. Please don’t get me wrong. I have not one bit of regret or complaint. I expected this. It’s what happens when we dare to challenge our old selves.

Focus is beginning to narrow. Understanding tickles the edges of confusion. A pathway is beginning to appear in the mist. I am becoming a new man with a new life.

Death, in any form, is alway difficult…