Week 1 – Starting MKMMA

Finally starting to wrap my head around the material, getting the reading done, this blog site working and such. I also have the pleasure of helping a close friend get organized who is also on this amazing course.

Even with only a couple of days in, I am beginning to feel the stirring of some changes bubbling to the surface.  A few rough days earlier this week, but that should be of little surprise. Whenever there is the possibility of dragging yourself out of a mess, there always seems to be a  force – those frustrations and roadblocks and huge opportunities to fall back on old patterns – that will push back. Opposition in all things…

It’s been an interesting few months. Long before I was aware of this course, I had begun to discover some material on the weeb that I was quite excited to find. As a result of taking Mark J’s Go 90 Grow and being introduced to “The Hero’s Journey”, I discovered this funny little presentation – (I think this thing is just hilarious – Glove and Boots – too clever…)

Shortly after this, a TedTalk surfaced…

Pat Soloman directed Finding Joe which Mark has made a number of references to. I immediately purchased Finding Joe through iTunes and have watched it far too many times to admit to.

I also discovered another deeply inspiring movie called I Am (was on Netflix for quite a while. Still may be there).

After that, I ran into The Master Key document.

I do believe that the old adage that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” is in play here. I have had exposure to some wonderful material for many years and I have a firm belief in many of the principles and concepts. I find much of what has been presented by many of the personal development speakers over the years to be completely in harmony with the scriptures, which has always been a touchstone for me in my quest to understand why we do what we do.

Some old stuff to put down, some things to learn, some things I’ve known for years that I just need to find the way to lock it in and replace old programming.

I suppose, in a lot of ways, each of us in the process of being one character or another in our, or someone else’s Hero’s Journey.

Somethin’s coming… (west side story)